back to school house cleaning notebook

Welcome to Fall and back to school house cleaning season! For many reasons, this is an exciting but somewhat stressful time of year for most people. While the end of summer can signal an end to beach days, barbecues, and not watching the clock, it also signals the start of cider mills, sweater weather, back-to-school… and busy schedules!  

 Just as we transition from one season to another, our homes also need to transition. 

What are some ways we can help our homes stay clean, organized, and most importantly, healthy during the Fall season? We have some helpful tips! 

1) The most straight-forward approach to helping your family stay on top of keeping your home clean, healthy, and organized is to hire professionals who know how to do just that! At Elite Home Cleaning we have over 15 years of experience behind us. We are here to help you balance your busy Fall schedule and actually enjoy this beautiful season. We can give you back your valuable time by coming into your home weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly to clean and sanitize…and even help you get organized! 

2) When our kiddos go back to school…so do the germs! Unfortunately, these germs make their way back to the rest of your family. Help your family stay healthy this season by maintaining a healthy, sanitized environment at home. 

3) As new schedules and routines are getting established, this is the perfect time to set new routines for your home. This is a great chance to set a new chore calendar for your children, create designated times and places for homework, and enlist the family in setting goals for the new school year. As we refocus our attention this Fall, it really is a wonderful time to introduce some new “best practices” for our family and home. 

4) Autumn is the perfect time to empty out the fridge and pantry to do a proper cleaning of all its nooks and crannies. These areas of our home are so vitally important as they house the food we are feeding our bodies. Make sure that these areas are clean and in working order and also take this opportunity to toss out expired food. Refill them with healthy snack and lunch box choices. 

5) Back-to-school house cleaning usually really shows its face in the mudroom! But, this is a great and relativity quick room to organize. Add a bench with shelves to help gather up those shoes. Hooks and more hooks will keep backpacks, coats, purses, dog leashes, etc. off of the floor. We also love labeled storage bins for sports equipment. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” This motto will help you keep your sanity! 

We hope you enjoyed our back to school house cleaning tips!




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