For years we have heard the amazing tales of Dawn dish soap being used to clean just about anything. Tackling everything from dirty dishes to wildlife animals that have been affected by pollution, it truly is a powerhouse cleaning product. It is also a product that we are proud to say all of our techs are trained to use. It is one of the many tools that is part of Elite’s arsenal of cleaning products.  Read on to see several uses for dawn dish soap

Dawn’s effectiveness comes from the fact that it not only cuts through the mess, but it locks away the grease and grime so that it is not re-deposited as you continue to clean the rest of the surface. 

Some ways in which we use Dawn in your home include:

1) Counter Surface Cleaner: Cleans all counter surfaces in your home. From greasy spills in the kitchen to grimy bathroom surfaces, Dawn dish soap cuts through the mess.

2) Stove top and microwave cleaner: Again, wherever there is grease from cooking, we use this amazing product to quickly and effectively eliminate the build-up.

3) Sink cleaner: For bathrooms and kitchens, Dawn tackles those dirty sinks.

4) Stainless steel cleaner: Helps your beautiful stainless-steel appliances retain their shine by eliminating fingerprints, smudges, and grime. (always clean with the grain and use a soft dry towel to buff away any excess moisture after cleaning) 

5) Tub and shower cleaner: Removes build-up in these areas so that the place where you get clean is also as clean as possible. 

We have also heard of some other suggestions over the years for this amazing product. Before using Dawn dish soap in any of these manners though, please be sure to do some research.

1) Clean your car’s tires and rims

2) Laundry pre-treater

3) Window cleaner

4) Clean grease spills on your driveway

5) Clean your outdoor grill

6) Clean hand tools

7) Make amazing bubbles for your kiddos!

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