House Cleaning Weekly or Bi-Weekly?   Why One is Better than the Other? 

(and not just the obvious reason!) 

Whether you currently have house cleaning weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), once a month, or you are trying to decide on how often to have a company come in, let us share with you some of the reasons why more is better! Obviously, the more often a cleaning company comes into your home, the more often you get that “ahhh!” feeling of a fresh and sparkling space. However, there are other great benefits as well.

House Cleaning Weekly or Biweekly

 1.  Shop for Less Cleaning Products

While having 4 cleans a month vs. one or two will cost more, don’t forget that you will be saving money by not having to purchase as many cleaning supplies yourself. At Elite Home Cleaning, we supply everything we need to freshen, clean, and sanitize your home. However, if we are only coming once a month then you will most likely be purchasing quite a few of your own cleaning supplies and equipment to keep up on the house in-between our visits. However, if we are coming weekly, then this will drastically cut down on the items you need to worry about buying for yourself.

2.  Keeps You on Your Toes

We know that life gets crazy. It also gets cluttered. Its common, if you have an existing cleaning company, to spend the night before running around trying to pick-up items off the floor and get laundry or papers sorted so that counters are empty. You want your cleaning company actually being able to get to the surfaces they need to clean. This is important. You are paying good money for the technicians to clean, not straighten up. If you have a cleaning company coming in once a week, then there is way less time for things to get messy. That means, the night before a clean, you may only need to spend a few minutes picking up a few things from the week. This will create a regular flow to your week and you will begin to see the changes in how efficiently your household flows.

 3.  A Healthier Home

With a weekly clean, not only will you enjoy coming home to a visually clean and neat home each and every week, you will also reap the benefits of a healthier home. With a thorough cleaning each week of all surfaces in the home, your cleaning techs will be leaving behind a more germ-free environment. This equals less sick days for the family; and that in turn can mean more money in your pocket too.

 4.  A Happier You!

Research shows that when we are in surroundings that are clean and organized, it has a direct connection to our mood. We feel more productive, happier, calmer, and more accomplished. Let Elite Home Cleaning help you create that environment in your home.

Comment below and tell us what your opinion is.  Is house Cleaning weekly or bi-weekly better?


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