Why is a house cleaning gift certificate from Elite Home Cleaning the best gift?

This is the time of year when we begin to search for unique and special gifts for our loved ones. Whether it is a family member, friend, neighbor, or special someone, we really put our all into choosing just the perfect gift for them.

Sometimes though, we run out of ideas! We want to be creative. We want to give something that is meaningful and/or really needed. At Elite Home Cleaning, we know just the solution to your gift-giving dilemmas:

Give the gift of a clean house!

It is the most amazing gift for so many reasons. Beyond the obvious clean and tidy home your loved one will enjoy, you are also giving them something much greater: you are giving them back time! How often can you actually gift someone “time”? Well, with a house cleaning gift certificate from Elite Home Cleaning, you can do just that.  Contact us to learn more!


Who would benefit from a house cleaning gift certificate? 

 Did someone on your list have a new baby? A gift certificate for a whole house cleaning not only gifts the new and tired parents with a clean and healthy home but it also gives them more time to spend on what truly matters…their new little one!

 Do you have a friend who has recently gone through a difficult struggle? Help ease some stress for them. It is amazing what a clean, fresh-smelling home can do for their spirit and mental well-being. Your gift will be something that provides them with something a bottle of perfume or new scarf could never do.

 Or how about a friend or family member who has had health issues this year? Maybe they haven’t been able to keep with the cleaning of their home. Your gift of a sparkling clean house could be just what they need to lift their mood!

 Give the gift of time, the gift of a healthy environment, a gift that lifts the spirit.  Reach out to us to learn more. We look forward to helping you with your gift-giving needs.


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