A Letter from Elite Home Cleaning on COVID-19

Dear Valued Client,

As your home cleaning professionals, it will be an honor to provide this important service to you in these uncertain times. With the threat and expected impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and other illnesses, it is our number one priority to keep you, your family, our employees, and all of our other clients healthy and safe. The CDC has shared on their government website that cleaning lowers the number of germs and the risk of spreading infection. We have been vigilant in educating ourselves on best practices during this trying time. We felt it would be helpful to provide you with some insight into our philosophies, processes, and commitment.

Our Staff

  • Staff members exhibiting any illness have been asked to stay home and take time to heal. We require all illness-based absences to be under the care of a physician and follow their “return to work” instructions
  • Staff members exposed to any illness of concern will also be asked to work with their physician and follow any quarantine protocol suggested
  • We will ensure that all staff members have adequate PTO (Paid Time Off) days available to them as warranted

Cleaning Updates

  • Handwashing: All staff are required to wash their hands at the beginning and end of each visit
  • Gloves: All staff will be required to wear gloves throughout the clean; and will change them frequently
  • Hand sanitizer: All staff have been asked to keep hand sanitizer with them throughout their cleaning day
  • Sanitizing of equipment: Each night, equipment is wiped down and sanitized
  • Towels and sponges: All cleaning towels are laundered and sanitized nightly
  • Supplying your own product/equipment: If you prefer for us to use any of your equipment/products, and not bring in our own, we would be happy to honor that request. Just ask the technician for a Release Form in order to proceed with using the items you supply. The same is true for any additional disinfecting product you may like us to use. If you need any suggestions, please feel free to contact us

Client Responsibilities:

  • We request, for the health and safety of our employees and other clients, that you reschedule your cleaning appointment if you or a family member is sick, experiencing flu-like symptoms, or has tested positive for the flu or coronavirus. This will help reduce the spread of any illness to our technicians or between homes.

Please “like” us on Facebook and check our blog regularly for updates, suggestions, and helpful hints. It is our job to ensure that you have a thorough cleaning each and every visit. We are committed to doing our part to keep our clients informed and their homes and families healthy. A clean home is a healthy home!



Lori Frye – Owner

Erica Knowles – General Manager

Erika Stewart – Field Manager

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