We love our furry friends and wouldn’t trade them for the world. But, if we are honest, it does make keeping our household clean a bit more difficult. Between the fur, slobber, nose prints on windows, and muddy paws… it’s a wonder we can ever get our houses in Tip-Top shape. While having a loving companion is more meaningful than having a clean home, we feel that you can have both. Here’s 7 house cleaning tips for pet owners to keep you as well as your fur babies happy! 

1) Use a lint roller on more than just clothes

These handy tools are also great at removing hair from lamp shades, comforters, furniture, and throw pillows. 

2) Wipe off those muddy paws at the door

Before those dirty paws even have a chance to track dirt into your home, keep a good quality mat outside your door as well as just inside the door. Also, keeping a basket nearby with some old hand towels will do the trick as well. We think the best new invention is probably the dog paw washer. Just add water then move your dog’s paws up and down between the soft rubber bristles. Clean paws come out and the dirty water just gets emptied into the sink. So easy!

3) Invest in an automatic vacuum 

All pet owners know the need to vacuum constantly. Besides dog hair, dirt, leaves and other debris easily get tracked into your home after a romp around the yard.  It feels like as soon as we are finished vacuuming, we can probably do it again. This is where an automatic/robot vacuum can come in handy. It can run while you are out of the house or asleep at night.  

4) Cover it up

If your fur baby has a favorite place to lounge or nap, grab an old sheet or blanket and cover up that area. It will help with fur, pet stains, and even help with preventing odors from getting into the fabric. Then when guests come over, toss that sheet in the wash and the couch underneath will still be looking good! 

5) Messy eaters

One place always in need of a good scrubbing is around their food and water bowls. Purchase a rubber or washable mat to place underneath the bowls to  contain any mess and protect your floors.

6) Shiny windows

Nothing distracts from the beautiful sunshine pouring in through the window than a bunch of slobber or nose and paw prints. It only takes a moment to clean them, so try to get in the habit of wiping down windows with a glass cleaner, or vinegar and water mix, to keep your windows sparkling.  

7)  The beauty of an outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are made in so many pretty colors and designs nowadays. They are even great for inside. If accidents happen, just take the rug outside to hose it down. 

At the end of a hard day, we know the feeling of just wanting to come in and snuggle with your furry friends. Showering your pets with love is way more important than stressing over a clean home. But, by following these few tips we think you can enjoy not only those slobbery kisses but a clean home as well!


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