With today’s dual-income families and busy households, getting help with house cleaning has because a necessity more than a luxury.  There are many choices available for professional house cleaning services.  Doing an internet search, you will find franchises and you will also find local family-owned-and-operated businesses. 

When considering hiring any of these businesses, there are a few things that you should consider.  We have provided a list of important questions to ask each company, below.



  1. Is your company bonded and insured?
  2. Do you run background checks on your employees?
  3. How will you enter my home if my family is at work or school?
  4. Do you bring in your own equipment and supplies?
  5. How long have you been in business?

Answers from Elite Home Cleaning:

  1. We are bonded and insured.
  2. We do run background checks on every employee before we hire them.
  3. If your family isn’t home to let them in, we have several options and can do whichever you feel comfortable with. Some of the options are, we can code and lock up a house key that the technicians will sign in and out, you can give us a code to a lock box that we can retrieve a key from or if you have a code to enter on a door or garage, we can use that code to enter.
  4. We do bring our own equipment and supplies that we know are safe for all surfaces, but we are happy to use anything that you supply with a signed release. We don’t bring in any harsh chemicals as we want to be sure we don’t damage anything in your home.
  5. We have been serving happy clients since 2004.
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