Lori Frye

Lori grew up in Royal Oak and Southfield and currently resides in Rochester Hills with her husband, Jim and their 2 cats Cosmo and Leo.  Combined they have 6 kids and 8 grandchildren.  She enjoys running the business with her daughter, Erica. Lori loves the sales and human resource aspect of the business as well as developing relationships with our wonderful clients.  A few interesting facts about Lori:

  • Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Three word to best describe herself: hard working, positive and caring
  • Favorite animal: cat
Erica Knowles
General Manager

Erica grew up in Rochester and now resides in Ferndale with her husband, Alex and son, Everett.  She enjoys running the business with her mom, Lori.  She is our master scheduler and helps to keep all aspects of Elite running smoothly!  She is loving, open and energetic.  A few interesting facts about Erica:

  • Favorite movie: All Wes Anderson films
  • Hobbies-Passions: Reading, bike riding, live music
  • Favorite food: pizza
Erika Stewart
Quality Control Manager

Erika grew up in Ortonville and currently lives in Auburn Hills. She is married with one son, Caelan, and a Border Collie named Skye. Erika loves the entire staff at Elite and is always kind, helpful, and organized. We are happy she is a part of our team.

A few interesting facts about Erika:

  • Favorite Meal: Sushi
  • Secret Talent: Knitting
  • Favorite Quote: “Choose Kind”
Renee Langlois
Training Supervisor and Cleaning Technician
Renee lives in Rochester Hills with her son, Ben and daughter, Becca. Her passions include archery, gardening, fishing, hunting, photography and hiking. Renee is passionate, energetic and loyal. We absolutely love her positive energy and her drive to make people happy. Her quality is top notch which is why she is our Training Supervisor as well as an amazing Cleaning Technician. A few interesting facts about Renee:
  • Favorite food: Delmonico or Ribeye steak with salt and all the fixings
  • Dream vacation: A rental house on the gulf of Mexico for all of her friends and family
  • Favorite movies: V for Vendetta, Original Star Wars Trilogy and the Hobbit
Nicole Crouse
Cleaning Technician

Nicole grew up in Shelby Twp, Michigan. She has one brother, one sister, 3 cats, and 1 dog. She is also getting married later this year! Nicole is a caring, kind, loves helping, and is passionate about cleaning. We are so glad she has joined our team!

 A few interesting facts about Nicole:

  • Secret Talent: Singing
  • Favorite Animal: Elephant
  • Favorite Causes to Support: Cancer Awareness and Thin Blue Line
Emily Jedlicki
Cleaning Technician

Emily grew up in Lake Orion and loves to spend time outdoors. She is mom to her two fur babies: Max and Dakota, Alaskan Malamutes. Emily is not only incredibly reliable but very hardworking. We are thrilled to have her on our team!

A few interesting facts about Emily:

  • Dream Vacation: Hawaii
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Ravyn Hill
Cleaning Technician

Ravyn grew up in Highland park and currently lives in Troy. She is a very caring person who brings an amazing attitude and perspective to our team. We think our clients will love her warm personality and level of detail. She describes her experience with EHC as "caring, understanding, and professional". We feel the same way about her!

A few interesting facts about Ravyn:
  • Loves music and plays a couple of instruments
  • Her dream vacation is to visit Senegal to see the Pink River
  • Her favorite book: Like Water for Chocolate
Christina O'Connell
Cleaning Technician
Christina grew up in Davisburg, Michigan. She is part of a large family with 6 siblings and 19 nieces and nephews!
Her strong work ethic and positive energy make her the perfect addition to our team! She says that she finds the work here at Elite to be rewarding. We are excited that she has joined our family!
A few interesting facts about Christina:
  • Secret talent: Plays the piano
  • Favorite hobby: Drawing
  • Favorite holiday: Halloween
Nikki Brewer
Cleaning Technician

Nikki grew up in North Branch, Michigan. She is sister to three siblings and mama to a cat named Big Mac and dog named Jack. When asked to describe herself, she chose playful, kind, strong and independent. These qualities make her a wonderful Elite teammate! We are happy she is a part of our family.

A few interesting facts about Nikki:

  • Favorite hobby/passion: Photography
  • Dream vacation: Bora Bora
  • Secret talent: Can say the ABC's backwards
Emily Bruhn
Cleaning Technician

Emily grew up right around here in Auburn Hills. She describes herself as passionate, determined, and loyal. We would add kind and caring to that list and are thrilled that she has joined our family here at Elite! Her "get it done" attitude, diligence, and detailed nature make her a wonderful asset to our team. She describes her experience working with Elite as friendly, fun, great hours, and rewarding.

A few interesting facts about Emily:
  • Dream vacation: Disneyland Japan; or anywhere in Japan
  • Favorite food: Noodles!
  • Hobbies: Drawing, storytelling, comic book sketching, video games and role playing
Leslie Wilson
Cleaning Technician
Leslie grew up right here in Rochester Hills. She is married to Travis and has three beautiful children, Jack, Charlotte, and Lucy. When asked to describe herself in 3 words, she chose "timely, loving, and strategic". Her energy and attitude make her a great addition to our Elite team. What Leslie loves most about her job is her great co-workers, satisfaction of cleaning, and the flexibility of hours.
A few interesting facts about Leslie:
  • Favorite meal: All the breakfast food!
  • Secret talent: Getting babies to sleep through the night
  • Favorite quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy"
Kellie Linares
Cleaning Technician
We are thrilled to have Kellie on our team. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with 3 brothers and "the world's best Dad!"
She is now a proud Mom to 3 children of her own. Kellie is a wonderful asset to the Elite team with her efficiency and attention to detail.
A few interesting facts about Kellie:
  • Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter Series
  • Dream Vacation: Switzerland
  • Favorite Meal: Lasagna
Jordan Jackson
Cleaning Technician
Jordan grew in Ohio and Troy, Michigan. She is a sister to three siblings and describes herself  as respectful, giggly, empathetic, and caring.  We are so excited that she has joined our Elite family and love the energy she brings to our team.  
A few interesting facts about Jordan:
  • Dream vacation: Pink Lake in Australia/Bioluminescent Bay
  • Favorite Book: The Sun is Also a Star
  • Secret Talent: Stellar cartwheels