Lori Frye

Lori grew up in Royal Oak and Southfield and currently resides in Rochester Hills with her husband, Jim and their 2 cats Cosmo and Leo.  Combined they have 6 kids and 8 grandchildren.  She enjoys running the business with her daughter, Erica. Lori loves the sales and human resource aspect of the business as well as developing relationships with our wonderful clients. 


A few interesting facts about Lori:

  • Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Three word to best describe herself: hard working, positive and caring
  • Favorite animal: cat
Erica Knowles
General Manager

Erica grew up in Rochester and now resides in Ferndale with her husband, Alex and son, Everett.  She enjoys running the business with her mom, Lori.  She is our master scheduler and helps to keep all aspects of Elite running smoothly!  She is loving, open and energetic. 


A few interesting facts about Erica:

  • Favorite movie: All Wes Anderson films
  • Hobbies-Passions: Reading, bike riding, live music
  • Favorite food: pizza
Renee Langlois
Office Manager
Renee lives in Rochester Hills with her son, Ben and daughter, Becca. Her passions include archery, gardening, fishing, hunting, photography and hiking. Renee is passionate, energetic and loyal. We absolutely love her positive energy and her drive to make people happy. Her quality is top notch which is why she is our Training Supervisor as well as an amazing Cleaning Technician.
A few interesting facts about Renee:
  • Favorite food: Delmonico or Ribeye steak with salt and all the fixings
  • Dream vacation: A rental house on the gulf of Mexico for all of her friends and family
  • Favorite movies: V for Vendetta, Original Star Wars Trilogy and the Hobbit
Genesis Gamble
Quality Control Supervisor and Cleaning Technician

Genesis grew up in Warren, Michigan. She is married to her wonderful husband, Josh and has a dog named Walnut. Genesis describes herself as contemplative, curious and adventurous. We also think she is incredibly thoughtful and compassionate. She is a wonderful addition to our Elite family!

A few interesting facts about Genesis:

  • Dream Vacations: Japan and Italy
  • Secret Talent: Singing
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Mariesa Nicosia
Cleaning Technician

Mariesa grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She comes to Elite with a wealth of managerial, customer service, and cleaning experience. We are so excited to welcome her to our team and can't wait for our clients to meet her.

A few interesting facts about Mariesa:

  • Dream Vacation: Backpacking in Europe
  • Favorite Animals: Polar Bears and Penguins
  • Mariesa is Inspired by: Her Family
Elyssa Harris
Cleaning Technician

Elyssa grew up in Warren, Michigan. She has a love for all animals and has some wonderful furry family members including a pig, 2 cats, a dog and 2 chinchillas! Elyssa has a penchant for detail that her clients love, as well as her infectious bubbly personality! We love that she is a part of our Elite family.

A few interesting facts about Elyssa:

  • Dream adventure: Climbing a mountain
  • Secret Talent: Playing the euphonium
  • Favorite Hobby: Loves to read; especially books about animals
Alyssa Strickland
Cleaning Technician

Alyssa is a hometown girl, growing up right here in Rochester Hills. She is "Mommy" to 2 beautiful children and step-mom to 5 more amazing kids. Alyssa takes a great deal of pride in her work and is very detail-oriented. She finds cleaning to be therapeutic and relaxing. We couldn't be happier that she is a member of Team Elite!

A few interesting facts about Alyssa:

  • Dream vacation: Any beach (sans kids) lol
  • Favorite Food: Green Lantern Pizza
  • Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a reason"
Hailey Danielson
Cleaning Technician
Hailey grew up in Algonac, Mi with her 8 siblings, 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit, and 12 fish.
A few interesting facts about Hailey:
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Meal: Pizza
  • Dream Vacation: New Zealand
  • Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo
  • Who Inspires You: My Grandma
  • Favorite Animal: Quokka
  • 3 words to describe yourself: passionate, fun, down to earth
  • Favorite cause to support: climate change
  • Favorite Quote: "Just like the moon I'm still whole no matter what phase I'm in."
  • Skills you bring to the job: organizing and productivity
  • Why you love working at Elite: The amazing clients and coworkers I work with
Robin Risch
Cleaning Technician

Robin grew up in Waterford, MI and has 2 sisters.   

  • Her favorite holiday is Chrstmas
  • Favorite meal is tacos
  • She has a secret talent for knitting and dancing
  • Dream vacation is the Caribbean
  • Favorite movie is Labyrinth (who doesn't love David Bowie in that? Dance magic dance!)
  • She is inspired by her mom
  • Favorite cause to support is Grace Centers of Hope
  • Words she would use to describe herself- kind, reliable, smart, hardworking
  • A skill she brings to the job is attention to detail
  • Why she loves working at Elite- The great team and amazing clients
Maria Rice
Cleaning Technician

Maria grew up in Traverse City, MI. She has one little sister and one older brother, and two cats, Benjamin and Louis.

  • Favorite holiday:  Christmas
  • Favorite meal:  cheeseburger and fries
  • Secret talent: archery and self defense
  • Dream vacation: the Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Favorite book/movie:  Twilight
  • Inspired by:  Jesus
  • Hobbies and passions: painting, gardening, animals, and MMA
  • Favorite animals: cats, specifically tigers
  • She describes herself as creative, determined and hungry.
  • Favorite cause to support is tree hugging and the less fortunate.
  • Favorite quote "The body will not go where the mind has not been." Skills she brings to the job, work ethic, thoroughness, efficiency. Why does she love working at Elite- I appreciate the level of respect and care shown for the team and clients. Also I love to clean!
Gabrielle Jaros
Cleaning Technician

NIcknames Gabby or Gabs, Grew up on Shelby Twp, MI. has an older brother and younger brother.

  • Favorite holiday is christmas.
  • Favorite meal is meatloaf with mashed potatoes and cheesy cauliflower.
  • Secret talent reading peoples non nonverbal cues.
  • Dream vacation travel the US in a fixed up camper van.
  • Favorite book- Being In Love by Osho
  • Favorite movie- My Sister's Keeper
  • Inspired by my Dad's girlfriend and my boyfriend
  • Hobbies and passions- hiking, yoga, massage, art and crafting.
  • Favorite animal a monkey
  • Words to describe you thoughtful, kind and genuine.
  • Favorite cause to support, things involving children.
  • Favorite quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
  • Skills you bring to the job, light sense of humor and hard work
  • Why she loves working at elite, everyone has been so easy going, down to earth and seem very genuine.